Friday, September 2, 2011

Transitional Dressing

The Perfect Saturday in October Outfit

It’s that time again. That time between early September and late October where it’s still warm enough to wear some summer items, but chilly enough to mix it up with new fall wardrobe pieces. However, if you jump in too quickly and wear too many fall-esque, winter wear, you end up wearing the same thing all through the cold season.
This is the perfect time for flats. If you skip right to wearing boots every day, you get sick of them by February, but if you ease into it and wear your summery and spring flats a little longer, you’ll look fashionable and not too predictable either. Pair some canvas flats with jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Throw a blazer on if it’s cool enough, to keep it looking polished and not too casual. Keep all the other accessories simple though.
My favorite jeans are a skinny pair, but flairs are making a big come-back right now. Since you’ll most likely be tucking your jeans into boots later on in the year, showcase your flairs now. Throw on a satchel, which goes with EVERYTHING and be ready to run for coffee with a friend. Simple & put together.

The Perfect Saturday in October Outfit by aliciablyyours featuring flare leg jeans

Knit jacket
$52 -

Old Navy flare leg jeans
$35 -

Hollister co
$20 -

TOMS espadrille shoes
$60 -

Chocolate bag
$60 -

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