Wednesday, September 7, 2011

6 GREAT Scarves for under $10

6 GREAT Scarves for under $20

6 GREAT Scarves for under $20 by aliciablyyours featuring fringe scarves

Continuing on this trend of finding really great buys, but not actually purchasing them, I've come up with 6 really great scarves to go with your really great rings you ran out and bought after my last post. ( I wish I could have ! )

The scarf is a fall (and winter for that matter) fashion staple. You can dress up any plain white tee and jeans in an instant and walk out the door looking simple but lovely. And there are so many variations on tying a scarf that the look never has to become boring. 

It's silhouette is classic but still can prove to be an unexpected look when styled with the latest trends, or a cool graphic tee and converse low tops. Yet the scarf can also take a turn for the super chic when tucked under a blazer over a crisp white button down with cropped black pants and a pair of suede pumps. Whatever look you choose to show off your scarf with, I promise you it'll look put together.

Frenchi dolman sleeve top
$28 -

Aerie fringe scarve
$20 -

Fringe scarve
$20 -

Striped scarve
$20 -

Sheer shawl
$10 -

Fringe scarve
$20 -

Forever21 fringed shawl
$8.80 -

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