Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boots: Unlisted by Kenneth Cole

When I saw 500 Days of Summer, I could not stop admiring the outfits they had on Zooey Deschanel. There was one particular pair of chocolate brown leather boots she wore that I really wanted to find a similar pair to.

I found these in the clearance section of DSW and I am so proud of my find. They're Unlisted, a Kenneth Cole brand and I picked them up for $26.97 because they were 40% a previously marked sale price. They are awesome. I want to marry them.

I can't wait to wear them with skinny jeans and a long cream sweater.

Shop your racks! You never know what you may find! I was shocked that they had boots in clearance since they are really pushing fall items, but they must be from last years line.

I also picked up an absolutely gorgeous leather patchwork bag from Lucky Brand for less than $50 (also found in clearance.) It was a hard decision to make because there was only one and I wanted it SO badly, but I gave it to my sister for her birthday.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Java Java Java

So, you might have guessed, but this post isn't exactly fashion-oriented. Though, it is economical.

I'm a coffee girl. I try to limit myself (successfully might I add!) to one cup every morning on work days, but I tend to overdose on the days I have off.

I didn't realize i was spending so much money on espresso, until I tallied it up one day. It was way too much.

Then I asked for one thing for Christmas. A Keurig Coffee maker with a variety pack of K-cups.

I'm not very handy, I don't like to cook, and although I've had lots of practice brewing coffee for people during a temporary stint at a grocery store bakery, I'm not exceptional at the trade.

My Keurig is extremely easy to use. I stick a cup in, press a button, and the end result is coffee.

I only spend roughly $33 bucks every few months on a huge supply of K-cups.

You can't wear it, but it keeps you moving. And for me, helps me save money for the essentials....clothes...and accessories.

Keurig B600 $139 at butterflyphotodotcom

Antique Art Deco Ring (Fantasy Jewelery Box)

Vintage. Vintage. Vintage.
We are so into making new things look old. Which is quite curious, since we're living in such a digital age.

In any case, I never pass up a trendy throwback. This alluring Art Deco Ring immediately caught my attention when i was visiting Fantasy Jewelery Box dot com.

I know a lot of girls don't like wearing CZ, especially because a lot of CZ rings do look like engagement rings. But I've never had a problem with wearing one on my right hand. Especially if you change it up with other rings in your collection.

I love all of the intricate detail.

Oh yeah, and the fact that it's $33.95.

Here come the Owls.

What a hoot.
I love quirky jewelery, so when I found this adorable owl necklace at Charlotte Russe, I grabbed it. Now i see it popping up all over the internet on other fashion blogs.

Then I came across this owl charm from Zales for $199
this owl key charm from Marc Jacobs for for $72.

I'll stick with my little bird that I got for $9. Thanks.

DIY trick:
If you don't want to wear this little guy as jewelery and would rather have him on your keys, just buy a nice key ring from Michaels, put it on the charm and voila.

My little owl at

Label Sunglasses at Marshalls

With Marshalls, you really have to put in the time to dig for gold, since it's about as organized as three year old, (no offense to those who might have been marvelously well ordered at the age of three.)

However, the best time to make a trip to your local Marshalls might very well be during the change of seasons.

Now that fall merchandise is being dressed on those ever so delicate looking mannequins, all of the summer trends are in the clearance sections.

I walked out last week with a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses for $20.

I also found a great pair of tan sandals with a small heel and some pretty black eyelet flats. Both $10 each.

You can also find a variety of designer handbags by Michael Kors, Dooney & Bourke, B. Makowsky, BCBG, and Valentino, all for a fraction of what they usually cost.

Lacy Vintage Cardigan - Forever 21

I am in love with this sweater. Delicate cardigans do wonders to dress up a plain blouse. I would wear this piece with a black or cream camisole and long dark jeans that have a large flare. Then finish the look off with platform sandals or wedges.

It's $22.90 for the sweater at Forever 21.

You can get a cheap pair of flair jeans at Old Navy (Like The Flirt dark wash trouser jean) for $19.00.

Costume Jewelery at Target

Let me just start out this post declaring my undying (and somewhat obsessive) admiration of Target.
I always find what I'm looking for (with the exception of a decent cell phone cover...)

In terms of my *good* jewelery, I wouldn't really look to buy anything of superb quality from Target, but they certainly have a pretty healthy selection of costume jewelery.

I'm a big fan of long necklaces worn with some cool earrings or bangles. It can dress up any billowy type of blouse and jeans.

I adore this long filgree necklace. for $12.99

And this Gold charm necklace for $7.48

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

GVP Products

This may or may not have been blogged about before, but the tea tree oil line by Generic Value Products is a godsend.

I'm also rather fond of their leave in conditioner, which is basically the same formula as Sebastian's Potion # 9.

Why it's Chic: GVP products use the same formula's as the salon products we all know and adore. The tea tree oil line imitates Paul Mitchel's fabulous line.

Why it's cheap: It's only $5 bucks. Paul Mitchel's is $25. And it's EXACTLY the same. I promise you.

In fact, every GVP product lists it's ingredients and the competition's on the back of the bottle.

GVP also has a line of styling products, including ceramic straighteners and curling irons. I have not used these personally, but I'm told they are of the same quality as The ever so popular (and expensive) Chi iron.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Slouchy Boot (American Eagle by Payless)

I have always been an advocate of Payless shoes. Last year they launched a trendy line of flats all under the name "American Eagle," by Payless. This year they have moved on to boots.

This slouchy suede boot can be found for $34.99 at payless shoe outlets, or at This boot has the same look and feel as the more expensive Bonanza boot (at $99) by Steve Madden.

Buy these boots in charcoal grey and brown and switch them up with skinny jeans or black leggings and a long tunic.

It pays to be fasionable . . . it costs a lot too.

Parsimonious - excessively unwilling to spend; "parsimonious thrift relieved by few generous impulses"; "lived in a most penurious manner--denying himself every indulgence"

Paris. The well known capital of fashion and style. From skirts to home decor, we have emulated the French and their astonishing ability to set the trends.

whether or not it pays to be fashionable is a moot fact compared to what it costs to be fashionable.

An uncle of mine will casually say "It only takes money. that's all you need. It's simple." As simple as it may be, it's not that easy. We have car payments, phone bills, student loans, and a laundry list of financial amends that must be met, usually on a monthly basis.

So what is a young fashionista to do?

We must be picky. Frugal even. But frugality does not necessarily mean fugly.

We can be cheap . . . and pretty. We can all be parsimonious parisians.