Monday, August 24, 2009

It pays to be fasionable . . . it costs a lot too.

Parsimonious - excessively unwilling to spend; "parsimonious thrift relieved by few generous impulses"; "lived in a most penurious manner--denying himself every indulgence"

Paris. The well known capital of fashion and style. From skirts to home decor, we have emulated the French and their astonishing ability to set the trends.

whether or not it pays to be fashionable is a moot fact compared to what it costs to be fashionable.

An uncle of mine will casually say "It only takes money. that's all you need. It's simple." As simple as it may be, it's not that easy. We have car payments, phone bills, student loans, and a laundry list of financial amends that must be met, usually on a monthly basis.

So what is a young fashionista to do?

We must be picky. Frugal even. But frugality does not necessarily mean fugly.

We can be cheap . . . and pretty. We can all be parsimonious parisians.

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