Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Java Java Java

So, you might have guessed, but this post isn't exactly fashion-oriented. Though, it is economical.

I'm a coffee girl. I try to limit myself (successfully might I add!) to one cup every morning on work days, but I tend to overdose on the days I have off.

I didn't realize i was spending so much money on espresso, until I tallied it up one day. It was way too much.

Then I asked for one thing for Christmas. A Keurig Coffee maker with a variety pack of K-cups.

I'm not very handy, I don't like to cook, and although I've had lots of practice brewing coffee for people during a temporary stint at a grocery store bakery, I'm not exceptional at the trade.

My Keurig is extremely easy to use. I stick a cup in, press a button, and the end result is coffee.

I only spend roughly $33 bucks every few months on a huge supply of K-cups.

You can't wear it, but it keeps you moving. And for me, helps me save money for the essentials....clothes...and accessories.

Keurig B600 $139 at butterflyphotodotcom

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