Monday, March 21, 2011

Alicia Accessories

Website: Alicia Accessories

First of all, of course I love this website because it has the best name ever. My guess is that most people named Alicia are just amazingly put together and have impeccable taste in style. Which is why it's my name <3.

This adorable website was created and is maintained by Anna Alicia, an art history major from London. Her jewelry is made from all sustainable materials; ceramic beads and colored ribbon. They are just gorgeous and so different looking. I can't wait to order one of her pieces to dress up some of my casual wear. 

Sustainable Fashion Challenge

I'm still going strong through lent, and yet I already know what my next fashion challenge will be. The last 2 years or so I have become increasingly interested in eco-fashion, or fashion that gives back. There are a few companies that have become somewhat mainstream (like my friends TOMs and the FEED project) but there are many companies on the internet that support sustainable fashion. 

The price we pay for fashion is not always the "quality" of the items we buy. Most designers use high quality material and pride themselves on handmade craftsmanship, but the crafts men behind this do not always receive the payment they deserve. Sustainable brands not only take these people into consideration, but their products are created with the idea in mind that the item leaves the smallest environmental impact possible. 

The point is to reduce our carbon footprint, use organic fabrics that have the ability to be recycled again and again when we are done with them, and overall help to mend this planet and keep it healthy for younger generations. 

I'm not perfect, and I love my designer stuff, but it's important to remember that this is our home, our children's home and later, their children. It's the only one we've got. Every step we take to becoming more sustainable will help a little more. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

FEED at American Eagle

If you want to look trendy, but also give back a bit you might want to look into FEED. A co-worker of mine (the same that introduced me to TOM Shoes) told me about the company around December, but I had never purchased anything from them (other than a pretty cool t-shirt for his Christmas gift.) 

I happened to be in the American Eagle in Union Square with the brilliant Heather Furlow and came across these beautiful tote bags by FEED. 

I love color, so I was instantly struck by the vivid patterns. The fabric of the multi-color bag is similar to a twill or burlap, while the blue teal bag is more of a linen. The fabric is durable and seems like it could hold most of my text books. This would be a very nice little work bag and is a genuinely beautiful way to give back through fashion. You can click on the pictures to get to the American Eagle website in order to purchase one of these babies.

The FEED project was founded by Lauren Bush, and now helped run by Kristina Fell, and Katy Wanserski. You can find out more about the project (as well as buy some pretty cool bags and accessories) at

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Save the Whales! More jewelry supporting great animals!

This is one of several pieces that Fantasy Jewelry box has developed to help support the Sea Conservation Society .

As you all know I love jewelry, animals and charities! Below I've supplied the text from the website, links to their varying pieces and pictures. Part of the proceeds DO go to support the conservation and of course, makes for an amazing conversation piece. Click on the pictures to follow the link to where you can buy these fine products!

"How cute is this cz dolphin necklace? We love how whimsical and charming nature inspired jewelry can be. What's great about this necklace is that it is a part of our Sea Shepherds Conservation Society jewelry collection. The Sea Shepherd's Sea Conservation Society is dedicated to protecting aquatic wildlife, raising awareness about illegal poaching and also on how we can combat this crime. Fantasy Jewelry Box has always been a long time supporter of animal charities and this is just one of many pieces where we will be donating a portion of proceeds to its respective non-profit organization. Show your support just by wearing this gorgeous cubic zirconia necklace."

Stylishly help our furry friends have a voice !

In searching for things that I'm not allowed to buy (I gave up shopping for clothes and accessories for lent--3rd year in a row!) I came across this adorable necklace!!

I adore glitter and I adore animals, so of course I have to have it (eventually . . . .when is lent over again?) The necklace is by one of my favorite jewelry websites, It is unclear if the proceeds from this necklace support the Lange Foundation, but either way it is a symbol for animal and dog lovers alike.

Here are the details from the website: 

      "According to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), every year in the United States alone, over 4 million  pets are taken to animal shelters, simply because theydrastically outnumber the homes available to them. They are alone, they are voiceless, and most of them are senselessly euthanized. As their lives silently end, several hundred thousand more pets are being borninside cruel puppy mills then sold to pet stores for profit. Many more are being born simply due to people never taking their pets to getspayed or neutered.

The Lange Foundation is dedicated to saving impounded companion animals, and preparing themfor a journey to a new, safe, loving world. The dogs and cats rescued come to them in all shapes, colors, sizes and ages. Some are victims of abuse or neglect, some are starving strays and others are simply lostor given up by their past "owners". Many people who take their pets to the Shelter mistakenly believe that good homes will be found for them.In reality, most animals that arrive into shelters are euthanized within 5-7 days due to lack of space. Unlike most shelters and animalpounds, The Lange Foundationis a no kill shelter which means that once an animal is rescued and brought into their shelter, that lucky animal will be cared for until adopted into their forever loving home.

The staff at FantasyJewelry Box is proud to support such a worthy cause and we want to help spread the message to all animal lovers out there! If you would like to visit The Lange Foundation online to personally donate your money or time, please visit their website at

Have fun shopping and remember to always spay and neuter your pets,never buy your pets from a pet store and whenever possible, visit yourlocal animal shelters. You just may find a sweet little face looking upat you, waiting to be a part of your family..."

*EDIT!* Amazing Amazon Buys: Imitation Spy Bag

I LOVE the look of the Fendi Spy Bag, but I don't make enough on a Teacher Assistant's salary in order to actually buy one for myself. That is why I was super excited to buy this imitation from Nieve Designs on Amazon. The bag is in transit, so I will write a more thorough review once it arrives.

Spy Bag

And it has arrived!!!
As of today I am giving up shopping for clothes and accessories for lent, so this will be my last purchase until Easter. . . and I couldn't be happier with it.

It looks exactly like the picture. I had fun finding the hidden compartments to figure out where I should put my keys, phone and wallet. The two main compartments are split and each have an individual zipper. I put all of my beauty products that I tote in the smaller of the two and my wallet, phone and sunglasses in the larger compartment. There is a small compartment where the brass hardware is on the front of the bag that opens and closes where you can still keys, or jewelry. The front handle also opens so you can put small things in that compartment if you would like, but I don't know if I would trust anything too valuable. Maybe some pens or a lip gloss, as it is a cylinder. 

I am extremely happy with this purchase. I was afraid the leather would look really fake, but it's soft and has that nice buttery feeling. It looks JUST like the Fendi bag the style is based off of, but doesn't have any cheap fake labels on it. I can't wait to build an outfit around it.!

Amazing Amazon Buys: Black Hobo

I recently purchased a bag from for a very decent and inexpensive price. Not only was it inexpensive, but I have been getting complimented on it every day that I wear it.
You can find it at this link:
Black Hobo with gold charm

As you can see it is classified as an "oversized" handbag. It actually sinks down a bit more when I wear it, since I carry A LOT of things daily. There is a decent amount of room inside, although it does get a bit heavy. The "fl-eather" looks real, but feels a bit rubbery. It's not a big deal since you can't really tell unless you rub up against the bag. People keep asking me who the designer is, and I just don't know. I bought it on a whim since I went on a closet cleaning spree and gave away most of my worn black bags. I ordered a second bag from Amazon, this time a different designer which I will write a review for once it arrives.