Sunday, March 20, 2011

FEED at American Eagle

If you want to look trendy, but also give back a bit you might want to look into FEED. A co-worker of mine (the same that introduced me to TOM Shoes) told me about the company around December, but I had never purchased anything from them (other than a pretty cool t-shirt for his Christmas gift.) 

I happened to be in the American Eagle in Union Square with the brilliant Heather Furlow and came across these beautiful tote bags by FEED. 

I love color, so I was instantly struck by the vivid patterns. The fabric of the multi-color bag is similar to a twill or burlap, while the blue teal bag is more of a linen. The fabric is durable and seems like it could hold most of my text books. This would be a very nice little work bag and is a genuinely beautiful way to give back through fashion. You can click on the pictures to get to the American Eagle website in order to purchase one of these babies.

The FEED project was founded by Lauren Bush, and now helped run by Kristina Fell, and Katy Wanserski. You can find out more about the project (as well as buy some pretty cool bags and accessories) at

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