Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little bit of summer merging with fall

I am absolutely obsessed with this clover color and can see myself wearing this with a pair of skinny jeans and  black ballet flats. It's not cheap per say, but a lot more inexpensive than any of the cool tops I see when I browse Anthropologie (which is the brand that this shirt reminds me of.)

It's on Mod Cloth (of course) and you can find it here. 

I also love how the descriptions are written on this website and how they give you outfit ideas as well.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Print Do's. Print Dont's.

I'm not quite sure how much I love the prints trend. I have always felt that a little bit of leopard print never hurt anyone, but wearing a leopard print top or dress may be a bit much. I admit I do own a grey leopard print mini dress and while it looks great for going out in (with a black blazer and patent red leather heels) it does look somewhat over done during the day.

I do like the look of leopard on a pair of ballet flats or simple wedges though.

I purchased these wedges by Franco Sarto from Marshalls:
I also bought them in black suede. The wedge isn't too high, so it's perfect for wearing with jeans in manhattan, since I usually opt away from the stilettos on those nights (they get stuck in grates and sidewalk cracks way too easily.)

Another cool print I'd like to try is on this dress (Lulu's, of course)
It's casual, but work friendly for those who attend an office daily. Also it would look pretty cool with boots and a long grey cardigan.

Obsessed with the Dress

Ok, so I really like the color block style for a going out style, but what I like even more is a little bit of metallic. Not enough for an outfit to look trashy, but just enough so a dress remains classic with a little bit of embellishment.

I love this design from Modcloth . . .
However at $105, it's not exactly economically feasible on my salary

Another option (also from the same website) is almost half the price at $70 a pop:

But lo and behold, I found almost the same exact dress in a different color scheme on for even less at $56.

Those are the options, take them or leave them. My personal favorite is dress number two since I'm not much of a pink fan, but I may change my mind and try something different. Any of these would look awesome in nude color heels which are in this season. I personally would try option 1 or 2 with a strappy gold pump. Number 3 can be rocked with something silver or even a teal wedge if you want to get risky.

Chances are if Lulus has the dress in pink, they'll be getting it in the black and gold scheme pretty soon.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

It was February, and I was getting a bit tired of buying boots (I had already bought 4 pairs for winter and was losing space in my closet) but there was a sale at Charlotte Russe where if you bought 1 pair of shoes full price you would get the second pair for $15. Long story short, the sandals I'm wearing in the picture were $15.

The sandals above are from the new Steve Madden summer line. They're called Kasidy and can be purchased for $79.95.

Once again . . .pictured below . . .
Steve Madden $79.95
Charlotte Russe . . . worn by me . . . $15 bucks.

My sandals are in pretty good condition. They haven't fallen apart. They really don't show much wear and tear at all, and they seem to be the same quality as the Steve Madden Brand.

The savings . . . about $65. That's a whole second pair of shoes, if you choose.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Star Wars T-Shirt

Ok, this is old, but I wanted to post an example of how you can dress up any vintage t-shirt with a pretty necklace and a good sweater. The t-shirt was actually a birthday present from one of my best friends (she knows that my boyfriend is obsessed and I'm extremely supportive of his obsession...) The sweater was actually from Target and the necklace I found at Kohls. This was one of my favorite and most comfy outfits this past fall. I wore it with skinny jeans and knee-high cognac colored boots. :)

Leather Wrap Sandals by Steve Madden

Normally, I refuse to buy anything up and coming from the Steve Madden store, but Rachael and I had traveled to Walt Whitman Mall, and as luck should have it, they were having a wheel sale. Meaning, every customer was given the chance to spin a wheel-of-fortune-esq dial which gave the opportunity to save from 20% up to 50% percent of your entire purchase. Also there was an option of buy one get one 90% off. Rachael hit the 40% mark, and I got 35% off. We both walked out with pretty awesome sandals for A LOT cheaper than marked.

For me, it was $40.00 well spent.

More MK Shades -- Marshalls

So, I sat on my last pair of MK sunglasses and cracked them in half. Let me just tell you, I was devastated. I had picked them up for only $20 at Marshalls, and was seriously doubtful of that kind of luck again.

But then it happened anyway!

And I really do love this pair even more than the former.