Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Obsessed with the Dress

Ok, so I really like the color block style for a going out style, but what I like even more is a little bit of metallic. Not enough for an outfit to look trashy, but just enough so a dress remains classic with a little bit of embellishment.

I love this design from Modcloth . . .
However at $105, it's not exactly economically feasible on my salary

Another option (also from the same website) is almost half the price at $70 a pop:

But lo and behold, I found almost the same exact dress in a different color scheme on for even less at $56.

Those are the options, take them or leave them. My personal favorite is dress number two since I'm not much of a pink fan, but I may change my mind and try something different. Any of these would look awesome in nude color heels which are in this season. I personally would try option 1 or 2 with a strappy gold pump. Number 3 can be rocked with something silver or even a teal wedge if you want to get risky.

Chances are if Lulus has the dress in pink, they'll be getting it in the black and gold scheme pretty soon.


  1. Hi!
    Glad you found a less expensive option for our dress that you liked! Happy shopping!

    Aire @ModCloth

  2. Love all these dresses! Perfect for nights out in the city:)