Tuesday, August 25, 2009

GVP Products

This may or may not have been blogged about before, but the tea tree oil line by Generic Value Products is a godsend.

I'm also rather fond of their leave in conditioner, which is basically the same formula as Sebastian's Potion # 9.

Why it's Chic: GVP products use the same formula's as the salon products we all know and adore. The tea tree oil line imitates Paul Mitchel's fabulous line.

Why it's cheap: It's only $5 bucks. Paul Mitchel's is $25. And it's EXACTLY the same. I promise you.

In fact, every GVP product lists it's ingredients and the competition's on the back of the bottle.

GVP also has a line of styling products, including ceramic straighteners and curling irons. I have not used these personally, but I'm told they are of the same quality as The ever so popular (and expensive) Chi iron.

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