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Building a Classic Wardrobe: Series 3

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Untitled #80 by aliciablyyours featuring capri leggings

Building a Classic Wardrobe: Series 3
The Leggings, the striped shirt, the sunglasses, the statement necklace, the career pant, the patent pump. 

The Leggings
Leggings have become very popular in the last couple of years under tunics and longer shirts and sweaters. It's easy to see why when it's pulled off the correct way. But there are more times than others that girls fall into the trap of wearing leggings as pants. 
Leggings are not pants.
Leggings are a thick pair of tights and fit that way. 
Leggings will creep up your no-no spot and make you look repulsive. And fat.
You need to cover your butt and your girl parts thoroughly, or you do not look chic. You look gross. And no one can look at you. And you don't even realize it. 
But leggings are a basic. Wearing leggings with a beautiful tunic and boots will make you look fantastic. Just stop wearing them with crop tops and short sweaters, or your right to wear leggings will be revoked.

The Striped Shirt
Always in, although every season some fashions enthusiasts from these beauty magazines always find some way to take a classic style which was ALWAYS in and say it's a trend. They did this with the striped shirt last year, even though I've always owned more than 4 in my closet. This year they're doing it with polka dots. I've always loved polka dots! Not bragging, just stating a fact. 
But whatever.
Striped shirts are great. Contrary to popular belief, only some horizontal stripes make you look wider. You just have try on the shirt to see what you think about how it lays across your frame. 

The Sunglasses
There is a reason models and celebrities don't get photographed without them. They are always on the run to jobs and photo shoots where people do their hair and make up for them, why would they do their make up before hand just to wash it off? So they throw on a pair of sunglasses and make a run for it. 
If you have to cry, go outside, but bring your sunglasses.

The Statement Necklace
Play it the right way and a loud piece of jewelry can be tamed to a soft whisper of "wow." Keep everything else simple and a statement piece will pop. Trust me.

The Career Pant
Make sure it fits well and buy it in a neutral. You'll get more use out of it than you realize. 

The Patent Pump
In any color, this one is here to stay. I have a red pair, and a pair of black patent flats. Patent leather has a lovely sheen that dresses up casual outfits, and really stands out. Also patent leather can be worn in literally any season, so you'll get a lot of bang out of your buck. The look great with skinny jeans and a charcoal sweater. 

That's the basics for now!

Michael Kors striped sweater
£825 -

Wide leg pants
$90 -

Capri legging
$12 -

High heel pumps
$35 -

White necklace
$48 -

Mango round sunglasses
£23 -

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