Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Outfit Clone: Ashley Olsen

Outfit Clone: Ashley Oslen

Outfit Clone: Ashley Oslen by aliciablyyours featuring a stripe sweater

Remember those loafers I'm nuts about? They come in black too. 
Call me crazy but striped shirts to me are so Parisian.  They are a staple, they never go out of style, and look good on almost everybody. 

Leave it to Ashley Olsen to make it look even more desirable with her black satchel and dark sunglasses. Too bad you can't see her shoes, but I'd imagine she'd approve of the suede loafer, even if she isn't as crazy over it as I am. 

I threw in a leopard print bangle as well, because I think it's really cool to mix prints subtly like that. 

The only item here slightly over budget are the shoes ($120) although I did buy my pair of turquoise loafers for $80 on sale.

This outfit can really work with any kind of flat shoe, since it focuses on a limited color scheme.


Stripe sweater
$14 -

Steven by Steve Madden glitter shoes
$120 -

Satchel bag
£55 -

Manumit brass jewelry
£12 -

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