Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Outfit Clone: Katie Holmes

Outfit Clone: Katie Holmes

Outfit Clone: Katie Holmes by aliciablyyours featuring cropped jeans

You know that thing they do in fashion magazines where they take a celebrity's outfit and give you affordable options to imitate them, but then the "affordable" options are still hundreds of dollars and you kind of wanna cry?

Yeah. It's that annoying. 

So I'm adding a feature to this blog to try and attempt the same type of gimmick, but actually include affordable options for those of us that can't waste over $100 on a white blouse. 

This week is Katie Holmes with her chambray shirt & red cropped jeans. Two items that you might not think would go together, but do beautifully.

All affordable options are below $50 (maybe a little more with the items from the UK) 

Oasis cropped jeans
£45 -

Bdg shoes
$39 -

Clutch bag
$30 -

Plastic shades
$32 -

Denim Button Up Shirt - Tops - Blouses & Shirts - 2000022278 -...
$20 -

Outfit Total: $136.00

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