Thursday, September 8, 2011

May I introduce you? Camel boots, meet Red jeans.

Camel boots, Red Jeans

Camel boots, Red Jeans by aliciablyyours featuring filigree earrings

Would you ever pair camel brown and red together in an outfit? My answer would have been no a couple of weeks ago, but after seeing so many photos of red jeans on my regular fashion sites, and blogs that I read, I've started to rethink the idea. 

Is red the new blue...jean? 

I'll admit, I was not a big fan of the colored jean trend. One my best friend owns a couple of pairs, and she looks lovely in her teal jeans, but I never thought to try it out myself. 


I don't think anything can really replace our trusty denim favorites, BUT there are a lot more things we can wear with red jeans than we initially think.

We think of red and immediately consider it flashy, but here is some food for thought:

- Red is actually a neutral color.

As is orange, green, brown, and yellow. Basically, any color you might find in the falling leaves of autumn, is essentially a neutral color. 

Two of the other biggest color trends this fall are orange and mustard to go along with the red and camel. If that doesn't scream FALL is HERE, I don't know what. Well, no, colors aren't really screaming in my face, I'm not that absurdly beyond sanity, but the point is you understand what I mean. 

So check your closet, you may have color combinations you never thought you play around with.  

$50 -

Oasis red jeans
£45 -

Tote handbag
$38 -

H M cuff bangle
£6.99 -

BELLISSIMA filigree earrings
$45 -

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