Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall 2011 Trend: The Satchel

Mocha dress bliss

Mocha dress bliss by aliciablyyours featuring a polka dot dress

Here is another fall trend that I find myself obsessing over. The satchel. In fact, I wasn't even sure it was a trend, I just have been looking for the perfect, yet inexpensive satchel since May, but then my search started to get easier because satchels started popping up everywhere. They're so cool, even though they look like the things little newsboys used to carry around their school supplies in. But that's ok, there a lots of models on the runway that look like little newsboys, it makes sense. The best thing about this bag though is that you can wear it with literally anything. I styled this outfit around a pretty little dress, but it also looks great with jeans and a sweater (which Ashley Olsen will show you in next week's outfit clone.) I've picked a couple of my favorites, some on the expensive side, others pretty affordable. Enjoy!

Satchels for you and your friends

ASOS satchel shoulder bag
$82 -

Satchel bag
£55 -

Moon Collection satchel bag
$50 -

Miss Selfridge satchel bag
£32 -

Oasis mini handbag
£22 -


Dorothy Perkins polka dot dress
£25 -

Zara shoes
$80 -

ASOS leather satchel
$82 -

ASOS leather satchel
$82 -

Forever21 wide belt
$6.80 -

Oversized aviator sunglasses
$32 -

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