Friday, September 2, 2011

Dressing down the LBD.

LBD meets casual

MICHAEL Michael Kors rose gold jewelry
$250 -

Metal jewelry
$12 -

Fendi leopard print scarve
£210 -

UO vintage belt
$13 -

Ah, the LBD, or Little Black Dress. We all have one and we usually whip it out for weddings and last minute engagements where nothing else quite works. However, that doesn't mean we can't work it in a more casual setting. The 2010-2011 fashion season has been seeing some interesting mixing on the runway, which definitely means we are allowed to play around in our own closets. I styled a more casual look around the LBD I purchased from for a wedding recently, and not only does it work, but you can also take this look into fall as it gets a little cooler out.

When you add just the right amount of laid back accessories, you can take any look to a bohemian level, meaning you can look fashionable, but also care-free at the same time.

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