Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3 very different outfits with 1 favorite t-shirt

3 very different looks with my favorite t-shirt

3 very different looks with my favorite t-shirt by aliciablyyours featuring steve madden shoes 

The graphic t-shirt. Everybody has one, but how do you pull it off without looking like you stepped straight out of the 12th grade? Well, the secret is to accessories and combine pieces that you wouldn't think would go together initially. 

Outfit 1:
My first outfit is the epitome of casual to give off that laid-back "I just threw everything on and it just happened to come out perfectly" vibe. Pairing a t-shirt with a printed scarf is one of my favorite things to do. Usually you want to go for a plain white or black tee to really make the print pop, but because the print on the t-shirt isn't too overwhelming, it still works in this outfit. Next I threw in the skinny jeans, because they're still my favorite to wear, and of course, the TOMs shoes, my red pair are my favorite (and the most comfortable, since they're canvas) but any bright, unexpected color to contrast the scarf will give the outfit a little more zing. A small shoulder bag keeps the simplicity, but still looks nicer than a backpack, and the leather jacket on top throws it all together. 

Outfit 2:
Depending on where you work, a t-shirt may or may not be career-friendly. However, if you are allowed to experiment on Casual Fridays, a blazer always preps up any look. The blazer gives the t-shirt a more tailored look as well which allows the wearer to go with a wider leg pant, either super-flared jeans, boot-cut, or a black/twill editor pant (if jeans are still a no-go, even on Fridays.)  Any shoe with a heel will help you get the most out of your flair, even though you won't really see most of the shoe anyway. A great piece of jewelry and an office styled bag will keep the outfit a classy casual, and not sloppy.

Outfit 3:
Another casual option, but this time with knit leggings instead of jeans. My new favorite pair of leggings are from Lauren Conrad's line at Kohls and they only cost me $15 (they were on sale.) I like these leggings because they have a zipper and button, which makes it more of a stretchy pant than a pair of tights. Throw your favorite plaid shirt over the tee, unbuttoned, which will add some color. Then pull on some over the knee boots, (mine are black suede from Steve Madden) a bangle and favorite tote bag. 

Styling several outfits around one piece will help you simplify your wardrobe, and also create new looks you never thought of. It also makes packing for a week-long trip a little easier sometimes. 
But make sure if it is a trip, you have access to a washing machine.
Wearing the t-shirt three days in a row without washing it is never a fashion do.

Hollister Co plaid top
$23 -

$56 -

Oasis bomber jacket
£20 -

Free people jeans
$128 -

Hollister Co. skinny fit jeans
$25 -

Lauren conrad
$36 -

Steve madden shoes
$41 -

TOMS leather flat
£33 -

Tote bag
$40 -

Volcom perforated bag
$35 -

Kate spade jewelry
$130 -

Marc Jacobs floral shawl
$202 -

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