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Building a Classic Wardrobe: Series 2

The Basics 2

The Basics 2 by aliciablyyours featuring a drape front cardigan

Building a Classic Wardrobe: Series 2
The Pencil Skirt, The Print Scarf, The Ballet Flat, The Belt, The Solid Cardigan, The A-Line Skirt

The Pencil Skirt
This skirt produces a silhouette which is fitted enough to be called sexy, but covers enough to be professional. The perfect Pencil Skirt should hit right at the kneecap but also have a high waist to hide the belly. A plain black or navy blue Pencil Skirt can be worn with a white blouse, or a polka dotted tee for semi-casual edge. It looks great with heels, flats, or even some boots. Every woman must have a Pencil Skirt in her wardrobe which works for her body type. Some come in a stretchier material, and despite my smaller frame, I definitely depend on spanx when I leave wearing this style. 

The Print Scarf
I'm learning that some people just aren't scarf people. Some people don't like the feeling of having something on their neck (hence the non-turtle-neck people), but I also think that some people just don't think they can pull off a scarf without looking like they're trying too hard. Tip number one is to learn how to tie a scarf. There are hundreds of tutorials on youtube of people tying scarfs and with a little practice, it's really simple. 
Tip number two is to keep everything else simple. Throw a scarf on over that basic white tee I talked about last series, or the long sleeved black top. A larger print over a plaid shirt can even work, as long as the pattern on the scarf is larger than the one on the shirt and they contrast enough to look like you did it on purpose. 
Like 'em or not, scarves are a classic.

The Ballet Flat
I have millions of these pairs of shoes. Ok, maybe not millions, but enough that I'd be able to go 2 weeks without repeating the same pair. The truth is though, you don't need that many ballet flats (I admittedly have a problem.) One or two great pairs can liven up a wardrobe. Black patent leather looks great in any season, and a neutral color, like blush, or cognac, looks great with browns, or against blues. Gold is also considered a neutral and can add some flair. 

The Belt
Belts. I don't have too many, but you don't need to. I have one go-to belt, and a couple of thick cinch belts I wear around sweaters. Belts are relatively inexpensive and last forever because they are usually made strong. Belts not only help one accessorize, but keep your clothes from falling off, which is just great because no one should rock the naked look in public. 

The Cardigan
The Cardigan is amazingly functional. It keeps you warm, which is great because I'm cold in July. It hides sleeveless tops, also great because I'll be teaching 10 grade boys soon. It makes any outfit look a little more grown up, as opposed to a college sweatshirt which, sorry, does the opposite. (If you have more than one in your closet, save one for sentimental reasons, or hangover days, and toss the rest now.) The go-to cardigan should be a solid neutral, white, black, brown, navy, or grey. And it should be whatever length you choose that fits your style preferences. 

The A-line Skirt
The less up-tight sister of the Pencil Skirt. It's flowy, has a nice length and makes a professional outfit look a little more feminine. It also looks great with any type of shoe and lets a lady feel young but out of high school. Pair it with loafers and it's best friend, the cardigan, for a really cute fall look. I'm also a tad bit obsessed with polka dots, so I love this A-line I discovered at Forever21. 

Drape front cardigan
$40 -

Forever21 a line skirt
$23 -

Forever21 cotton skirt
$7.50 -

Steve Madden ballet flat
$60 -

Aerie loop scarve
$20 -

UO leather belt
$13 -

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