Monday, January 23, 2012

Tip from a good friend: Starting outfits simple

Casual Night Out

So my friend Heather & I are fashion addicts. ADDICTS. We both love putting outfits together, reading blogs about putting outfits together, looking at stylish girls with their awesome outfits. We love clothes. 

We also both write about clothes. You can read her amazing blog Sugar & Spice and see how cool she really is. 

One thing we were talking about recently though was how hard it is to get ready for a night out. There are so many choices, and yet, no matter how many clothes we both have in our wardrobe, it always feels like there is nothing to wear. This is partly the fault of Facebook. Every time I feel like I put a great outfit together, I take pictures with friends that ultimately end up on Facebook, which is a double-edged sword. The positive is that I always feel like I look great in these photos. The negative is that the outfit is now ruined. Forever. 

I am a  little less inclined to feel this way recently, only because I have over 2,000 photos uploaded on Facebook, and I've also realized now in my late 20's that no one really cares if you repeat an outfit. At least nobody that matters. 

However a really great tip Heather gave me was this; when putting together an outfit, start out with something really simple and comfortable, then add something eye catching. Or pick out the piece you want to work the outfit around, but add more accessories sparingly. A lot of times you'll end up with something that looks stylish AND care-free. 

I've decided for my next outing (which will also be my birthday celebration) I will be wearing a sweater I recently purchased at Forever 21 with my woven fedora hat. 

Dressing down when you go out will also be eye-catching as well as comfortable because it will be seem unexpected. 

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