Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nostalgia Much: How 20-somethings in a 2000-something world are recycling fashion with a passion.

Remember the nineties when Clarissa explained it all to us, all while making colored tights under a pair of ripped jeans a thing? Or when Edie Sedgwick rocked her nautical striped t-shirt, sheer black tights and ballet flats in the mid-sixties? How about when Mary Tyler Moore threw that chic beret in the air at the end of the opening credits? 

This was fierce.

The thing about trends, or the way it used to be, was that they come and they most certainly go. However, one could argue that the rules have been changed, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Trends from the past, like ballet flats for instance, are becoming today’s classic fashion staples. Any smart stylist understands the importance of building an original outfit on the basics. 

A floral collared shirt may not have been too cool in your fourth grade portrait from nineteen ninety four, but if you throw it under an oversized sweater and pair it with skinny jeans and high fashion flats, you may just have something going for you. Throwing a fitted blazer over that vintage Star Wars t-shirt may just take your look from careless to carefree. 

Jen Lindley, the original hipster.

Trends are rolling over one another like a rising tide, but the best part about this fact is that we are left with so many options! We can wear socks with heels, or leg warmers with loafers without fear. Our past is becoming our pallet, and our bodies our canvas. 

Collars were rocked way before was around.

Websites, such as Pinterest, and Etsy, encourage our own personal creativity when it comes to style. The world is our oyster, and our strand of pearls is handmade. We are our own stylists, and we play by our own rules, which helps us express the important message of maintaining innovation and creativity in this world. 

Keep on recycling, reusing, and reworking looks from yesteryear, because one woman’s Special Edition Flipper lunch box is another woman’s creative and original handbag. 

Flipper was badass.

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