Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Outfit Styled around SM: MADEE Loafer

Simple Outfit Styled around the Steven Madden MADEE Loafer

Simple Outfit Styled around the Steven Madden MADEE Loafer by aliciablyyours featuring slouchy tops

I was playing around on Polyvore, and decided to style an outfit around the loafer I wrote about last week, just to show how one can make it work. Suede loafers usually show off the narrowness of the foot, which can create a really polished look if you pair them with skinny jeans. Every store sells skinny styles now, but Hollister is having a great sale on their super skinny jean, which I love because they are the perfect navy color and just the right amount of stretchy-ness for those days when I have just a bit too much mexican food. 

A tailored blouse and eye catching blazer top off the look, making you look casual yet professional at the same time, an ideal that is not always easy to achieve. 

The best thing about all of these pieces is that they work with so many different outfits, really making it worth the money.

Happy shopping! 

ASOS slouchy top
$55 - asos.com

Striped jacket
$60 - anthropologie.com

Hollister Co. embroidered jeans
$25 - hollisterco.com


  1. Love the whole outfit. Totally laid-back chic! Nice comment on the Mexican food...who doesn't love a good Chipotle burrito break?!

  2. Haha, I have those breaks way too often. OH WELL. Can't blame me! :)