Saturday, August 27, 2011

LOVE IT: Velvet & Suede Loafers

Is anyone else a little more than obsessed with velvet loafers?
I have always loved grandpa-esque shoes, whether they be moccasins, loafers, slippers, and of course TOM Shoes, ( I now own 6 pairs) so I've of course been searching for the perfect velvet loafer that I've been seeing all over the internet, in look books, on celebrities, just about everywhere. They're a casual shoe that you can wear with just about any type of jean (although skinny jeans and boot cut do add a little bit of sleekness to the outfit.) While I adore the look of Stubbs & Wooten, I just can't afford the $300 + price tag for one pair of flats.

Stubbs & Wooten Velvet Slipper Loafers

However I think I have found a decently priced alternative. MADEE by Steve Madden comes in tons of fun styles, as well as the classic black. The only thing I'd be looking for them to add is the decals that S&W offers. But otherwise, the shoe satisfies my loafer requirements. 

MADEE in Black Suede. 

MADEE in Leopard Print.
My favorite though (which I can't seem to find an image of) are the Persian Blue Suede Loafers that you can see here:

Simple. Classic. But also pretty trendy at the same time. 

The MADEE Loafer is still slightly pricey at $119, typical for Steve Madden who's prices have exploded the last couple of seasons, but compared to other top end designs, this is clearly the more affordable choice.

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