Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why you should trade your neutral bag in for a metallic this season.

For the last two years I've searched for the perfect gold bag, and this time I think I've found it. It's an over-sized satchel by Kate Spade and I personally think it is lovely.

Metallic bags aren't exactly a new trend, I feel like every summer season they say the same type of trends are in. Ie. wedges, metallic sandals and bags, neon nails. Am incorrect? 

I don't strive to be *trendy* but when I see something I like, I try to make it work. 

IN my opinion, metallics are just as classic as your neutral browns and blacks now. The reason being, they can work in any season, especially during the winter and summer. Bronze is beautiful for fall while gold and silver make amazing statement pieces during every other time of the year. 

I decided about a year ago that gold is my color. I'm fair skinned and have light blonde highlights in my already dark blonde hair, so silver tends to be washed out unless I'm wearing dark colors, but gold picks up the highlights in my hair and contrasts with my blue eyes. 

What's your metallic color?

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